Here Is What You Can Expect From Flagship Android Phones In 2019

Each year brings more improvements for technology. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip will be available next year, which means that the upcoming handsets will be more powerful than ever. Here are some features which will come with most top-end Android smartphones.

Enhanced in-screen fingerprint scanner

In-screen fingerprint sensors were the perfect solution to remove the home button from most smartphones. However, the scanner does not work perfectly, and users might have trouble using it with wet fingers for example.

Qualcomm is preparing to release its new 3D Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner technology. This will make the sensors a lot more accurate and you will be able to unlock your device even when you are out in the rain.

Camera improvement

The camera will be enhanced as well. If you love using the Portrait Mode on photos, you will be glad to hear that it will be possible to use it for videos as well. This means that the background of your image will be blurred in real time. The Snapdragon Summit already offered us a demo of this feature and it looks great.

5G internet

Finally, 5G internet is here. The first devices with 5G support will be launched in 2019. While the chip will allow all handsets to use 5G, not all phones will enable. We already know that Samsung is preparing a 5G release, and OnePlus will be the first 5G phone in Europe. Nonetheless, it will take some time until all carriers and networks adopt 5G.

Two voice assistants

Thanks to the new chip, Android phones will be able to use two voice assistants at the same time. You will have different wake words for each one. The system has support for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana and Baidu.

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