Messenger Lite Adds New Features

The Messenger Lite app was released about two years ago, and it managed to grow a lot in these years. However, the app is not available for all devices and just Android users have it at the moment. A iOS release might become a reality at one point in the future.

Android users will be glad to hear that a new update is available for Messenger Lite. The update comes with performance improvements and the speed of the app should be enhanced. There are also a couple of features which will become available in the following weeks. Let’s take a look at them.

Sending GIFs

Messenger Lite users will be able to send GIFs in chat. However, in order to do that, a third-party keyboard app is needed. Gboard is a good alternative for that. Once you have that app you will be able to look up GIFs in the library and send them to your friends.


Messenger Lite also allows chat customization. This means that you will be able to customize conversations with specific persons or groups. You will be able to set a specific color for that chat, which means that your message bubbles will show up in that color. The color of the like button will be changed as well.

In addition to that, it will also be possible to replace the like button with an emoji. You can set a different emoji for each chat. In order to access these new customization options, you need to go to the info button that shows up in the right corner of the app.

Sharing files

It is also possible to share files easily using the “+” button and then selecting the file you want to share. You can use this for audio files, videos, pictures or regular files.

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