Xiaomi MI A1 Users to Get the Stable Android 9 Pie Update

Just a few days ago we heard that Xiaomi Mi A1 gets the Android 9 Pie beta version in different parts around the globe.

Now, some users claim they have received the finished Android P update randomly. The stable update for this device is worth of 1074.9MB in size and comes with security patches, an FM Radio app and all kind of features introduced by Google. Some users of Canada and Netherlands got this update, but also some Indian users have said that they were able to get it by cleaning the cache and data of Google Play Services, the Google Play Framework apps. Also, some other users were able to get it via a VPN method, the thing that’s well-known for the OnePlus devices.

Xiaomi Mi A1 to get the stable version of the Android 9 Pie Update

Xiaomi did an excellent job this year, by offering its users a lot of software updates. It started to give the Android 9 Pie update to many of the Xiaomi Mi A2 users and now has started to give it to Xiaomi Mi A1, too. It comes with an adaptive battery and brightness, a user-friendly interface, a completely new Settings app and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Ever since the device was released back in December last year, users have been complaining about the absence of an FM Radio support for the gadget. The company did not give any kind of explication why they did not include it from the very start, but it’s good they came around and listened to the feedback of their users.

We don’t know for sure anything about the performance and possible bugs of the update, but some have stated that the Bluetooth paired devices were disconnected, the thing that forced them to reconnect their devices.

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