Facebook Lite Reached 1 Billion Downloads On Play Store

The success of Facebook Lite cannot be denied. The app is a lighter version of regular Facebook and it was released back in 2015. The application was meant to be used by those living in areas with limited data usage and internet availability.

Facebook Lite became popular right away, and it managed to reach 100 million users in less than 9 months. It appears that this app was needed by most users.

The Facebook Lite app ended up being released in developed markets as well, including the United States. This happened back in March 2018. Now, nine months later, the app managed to reach 1 billion Play Store downloads.

Almost five years ago Facebook reached 1 billion Play Store downloads. It was the first non-Google application that managed to that. One year later, the Messenger app hit 1 billion downloads as well.

What is Facebook Lite?

Since Facebook has become essential for keeping in touch with your loved ones, it is important that everyone can access it. However, there are many users with old phones, unstable Internet connections or limited data. Facebook Lite was created so they can access Facebook as well.

The app does not have that many technical requirements. It appears that Facebook Lite has become popular even amongst users that don’t have any technical issues. That is because the application¬†helps them preserve the battery life and it saves a lot of data.

In addition to that, the app is very small, weighing in at less than 1.28 megabytes. This means that it won’t take a lot of time to download it, and it can fit on any device. You won’t have to worry about clearing your storage in order to install the app.

At the moment Facebook Lite is only available for Android users. However, the app is also tested for iOS in Turkey.

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