iPhone SE is Still A Very Popular Smartphone Worldwide

Do you remember the iPhone SE period? It was released back in 2016 on March 31.

So it is pretty interesting to find out that people are still buying and using it.

In a rank for iOS devices in China, made by Ann Bunny which was posted in November this year the iPhone SE was spotted in the 3rd place. The iPad Pro models scored 99% while the iPhone SE 98%.

The iPhone SE has many important features and one of them that are really pleasing the clients, is the size. The device is comfortable to hold in only one hand and allows the costumers to reach all the keys from the screen and to tap anywhere on the screen using one hand. A study shows that women prefer the iPhone SE due to the compact size that can fit easily into a handbag.

In order to get the iPhone SE back on the market, Apple should consider some changes or upgrades such as a bigger display, maybe 4,5 inches, a bigger RAM, 3GB or 4GB, since the last version only has 2GB and of course and update OS. Taking all these in consideration at a decent price the iPhone SE 2 might end up having a huge success in selling.

There are of course many rumors going around on internet about the new iPhone SE 2. Following the release pattern of Apple’s devices, users are expecting if it will be release, somewhere in 2019.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, suggested that Apple will launch a much cheaper version of the iPhone in September. He predicts that is will be a 6.1 model and it will have an LCD screen. But this cheaper version will actually be more expensive than the iPhone SE.

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