iPhone 11 Update – Newest Leaks and Rumors

It hasn’t been more than three months since the iPhone X was released, but it looks like Apple isn’t going to sit back, relax and let Samsung take all the glory in 2019. The discussion about next year’s top-notch devices has been long and, of course, a lot still remains to be told.

Everybody is expecting to see high-end features combined with a powerful OS and awesome specs. iPhone 11 seems to have all this and more, but no details about the handset haven’t been officially announced yet.

However, the lack of official information has never stopped real fans form learning more about a smartphone waiting to be released. iPhone 11 is no exception. Ever since people found out that 2019’s iPhones are ’’work in progress’’ as we speak, they started imagining different scenarios concerning price, specs or release date.

Recent leaks provide a few details about the upcoming iPhone 11

We cannot be sure if Apple’s new handset will be called 11, but we’re making this supposition based on previous experience. Thanks to a reliable leak we managed to find out a few details about this smartphone.

It looks like we will see three new iPhones from the 11 series next year. The same leak suggests that the devices will follow the path described by the 5.8in and 6.5in OLED iPhones, but we might as well see a 6.1in LCD model. Thanks to these features, the handsets will have larger displays.

Other details are connected to the camera. Chances are that the 2019 iPhones might have triple-array rear-camera setup with improved 3D sensors. These specs will make the device suitable for augmented-reality activities, just like Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, wanted for a long time.

These are only a few mentions, but we cannot be sure of anything until Apple confirms the rumours. If we were to consider previous experience, we could anticipate that the new iPhone could be released around October 2019.

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