Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: Where Will the Fingerprint Sensor Be Placed?

We’ve recently seen images from the 2019 editions of the Samsung Galaxy S10, the S10 Lite variant. The main topic stands about the different physical buttons that are seen on the two sides of the phone and the rear panel that has a dual camera setup.

This variant of the Samsung Galaxy series is set to be released in February 2019.

Is the power button a fingerprint sensor, too?

One image shows the back panel, and another one shows the side view of the phone. On the left side of the phone, we have a small button and another button that’s a bit longer- it’s supposed to be the Bixby button and the volume button. On the other side, the power button is supposed to be placed. However, it appears to be a copy, since the fingerprint sensor is shown to be a separate rounded portion within the long button.

How Samsung makes more money?

There’s a round sensor in the rear panel that was integrated into the side of the power button. This is actually a clever move from Samsung. They saved a lot of money when it came to S10 Litem since the 3D sensor will feature only on the higher end phones, where the price is a critical factor overall.

The S10 Lite wants to take down its competition – Oppo and Huawei, by establishing lower prices.  But is it the same thing with Apple’s XR? We have so many questions, among which “How” and “When”?

Will it take down iPhone XR?

It’s possible that Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will be better on the market than iPhone XR, especially since the South Korean company tries to make the prices best for everyone.

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