Here Are The Best Features Of The Snaptube App

A good video downloader is must on everyone’s phone. Snaptube is one of the best alternatives out there, and it allows you to download for free all your favorite videos and movies from Youtube and multiple other platforms. You’re not sure whether you should give it a try? Here’s a list with some of its best features.


When it comes to video downloaders, most users worry about their security. However, this shouldn’t be the case for Snaptube. There is nothing malicious about this app, and there are no negative consequences for those who use it.

Your data will be safe as well, which is very important if we analyze the world in which we are living. It is essential to use apps that care about data privacy.

Fast downloads

One of the biggest advantages of Snaptube is the fact that you can download videos right away, thanks to its advanced¬†download technology. Therefore, you can even download encrypted YouTube videos and you won’t have to wait a long time fo them.

Completely free

With Snaptube there are no costs and no hidden fees. You won’t be charged for anything. Everything remains free, no matter from which platform you download your videos.

Adjusting the quality

When you download a video you are the one who can decide the video resolution. And Snaptube has a wide range of options. You can go from 144p to 1600p, based on your preferences or your phone’s capacity.

There are also custom search options, which will make it easier to get good results.


The best part about Snaptube is that you won’t have to use it just with videos. You can download music as well. Just find your favorite songs on platforms such as Spotify and Soundcloud, and them download them with Snaptube. The files can be downloaded as MP3 or AAC.


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