iPhone SE2: When Is It Going to Be Released?

There has been so much said about this gadget, and yet, it has not been released. Apple’s iPhone SE2, which is the sequel to the iPhone SE, shows many additional dimensions. The SE2 gadget was supposed to be launched in September 2018, when all of the others smartphones were revealed by Apple. That didn’t happen. Then, we’ve heard that it was supposed to be released on the 30th of October when Apple showed its new models of Macs and iPads, but we didn’t see that either.

There are many rumors

People still believe that Apple will release this device soon. We cannot blame them, there are many rumors out there, all from different sources. However, they’re not all without any kind of base. Any case maker for the models can be taken as reliable sources. Rumors are based on leaks, and we cannot do anything but just wait for Apple to release the device.

Is it going to be affordable?

There are also many debates on whether Apple will release premium-prices iPhones: is this really the only way to increase its market share, just by expanding the presence in the different segments in the smartphone market? There’s a premium segment where Samsung, Apple and Google are present. And there are many other brands that offer their phones with various configurations. Samsung has every slot taken, but Apple doesn’t.

iPhone SE wasn’t released because of numerous reasons, one of them being the fact that the community wanted devices with smaller screens, that can help in only one hand. Another one is the fact that they’re trying to make the prices affordable for regions from China and India. We think Apple is going to choose the right price for its device.

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