How To Solve Problems Using The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become quite popular these days, and that is because it is very useful. Recently more and more companies are finding out how to apply the IoT technology when it comes to real-life problems.

Internet of Things Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) was founded four years ago, and the event focuses on real-life solutions provided by the IoT. The testbeds are used to try out IoT solutions.

Each testbed comes with a specific platform which is then tested in conditions that resemble real-world ones. Every year ten different projects are selected. This time they tested scaling connectivity, whale safety, worker safety and more. Here are some of the projects:

Smart firetruck

The Congress also has a firetruck parked inside the building where the event took place. The truck is developed by Emergency One and Vodafone, and it has automated a series of tasks.

Worker safety

IoT technologies can also be used to enhance worker safety. For this testbed smart wearables, cognitive learning abilities and other things were employed. There were electronics built into a hardhat and the stats of the worker can be detected. This way, a worker will be warned whether a break is needed, for example.


ECCO managed to use smart solutions in order to create customized footwear. The biomechanical data of the individual is used in order to create customized midsoles. A 3D printer is used for this and the size and geometry can be adapted, offering more support to the person wearing it.

Protecting the wales

A solution was also found to monitor the quality of water and air after a gas leak took place at the Cook Inlet. The beluga whale could be in danger, and this wireless sensor system will make it simple to keep an eye on the levels of pollution.

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