SHAREit can Enhance your Smartphone Experience

Ten years go the large majority of the world relied on their feature phone for simple tasks like calls and messages. The smartphones took the market by force and in our days it seems that everyone has at least one smart device in their pocket.

Despite the constant stream of improvements that are added every year there are still a few inconveniences. One of them is the slow speed of file transfers from one device to another. Even the latest version of Bluetooth remains quite slow and manually transferring your data by using your PC and a USB cable feels a bit outdated.

Thankfully there are alternatives that are quicker and more convenient. One of them is SHAREit, an app that was designed with file transfer in mind. Read below to learn how it can improve your smartphone experience.

  1. It supports a large variety of files

There are certain files that cannot be transferred unless you are using a wired connection. SHAREit accepts a large variety of files, allowing users to transfer everything that is important with a few taps. They can even transfer installed apps and their data in order to seamlessly continue their experience from one device to another.

  1. Remain entertain as you browse a huge video library

The app includes built-in search and play functions that allow users to discover and play thousands of videos available for free. Users can browse through a rich selection of videos among which they can find funny vines, documentaries, practical tips and much more.

  1. Discover the hottest trends in music

A dedicated music portal allows users to discover and play the hottest hits that are currently available. Users can opt to use the player in order to enjoy their own music while being able to personalize a variety of settings.

SHAREit is a multi—platform app that can be installed on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac and PC. The apps are available on the respective app stores and select websites.

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