The Type Cover of The Surface Pro Might Receive A Major Improvement

The Type Cover is a useful accessory for the Surface Pro device. In fact, we could say that the keyboard is what successfully transforms the tablet into a notebook. This accessory is a high-quality one and it has always been appreciated by its users.

In the future, it appears that things are about to become even better. Microsoft promises to bring several enhancements to the Type Cover. It should become thinner, but this is not the only change.

Revolutionizing the trackpad

In order to make the keyboard thinner, it appears that Microsoft is planning to make some changes to the trackpad. The plan is to integrate it into the circuit board. This would allow Microsoft to save a lot of space and the final product would be a lot thinner. It appears that there might even be a click feel created by a hardware switch.

This would be a great way of reducing the size of the Surface Type Cover, without affecting its features. However, while Microsoft did file for this patent, there is no way to say for sure that this is a change that will definitely arrive in the upcoming models. This does not mean that the next Surface Pro won’t come with enhancements, we just don’t know whether the integrated trackpad will be one of them.

Future improvements

There are numerous improvements that we can get with Surface Pro 7, especially since there is almost one year left until we will receive it. For example, the Surface Pro 6 does not have Thunderbolt 3 or the Type-C USB interface. This is something that we expect to see in the future, especially since these ports will make the device a lot thinner.

It is very unlikely that we will get news any time soon, so we will just have to wait and see what is next for the Surface Pro line.


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