Clash Royale New Cards Are Here for December

Cards are probably the most important figures from Clash Royale. They represent all the game’s items, like buildings, spells or troops, but what makes them irreplaceable is the fact that they support a player’s survival within the game. If you know how to build an eight-card deck, you’ll live longer than your opponent.

For most of our favourite games, December is a full and intense month. Clash Royale is no exception. This month brings an update featuring new cards and fans can’t miss this opportunity. It’s a great chance to collect entertaining items that will keep them busy for a long time.

Clash Royale is very similar to real life – good cards are a big advantage

We know that Clash Royale combines card games with a multiplayer online game that teaches gamers how to defend their tower. This combination is very entertaining, so the game became very popular as soon as it was released. The scenario focuses around Cards, so every passionate gamer wants to get as many as possible.

Cards can be divided into 3 categories: buildings, spells and troops. Besides, they can be divided into 4 rarities: Common, Legendary, Rare and Epic. Players should get them until level13:

  • Common Cards are available at all levels;
  • Rare Cards can be achieved from level 3 to 13;
  • Epic Cards are available from level 6 to 13;
  • Legendary Cards can be found from level 9 to 13.

Once you collect the Cards, you can upgrade and share them with the rest of your Clan. It’s far more enjoyable if you win the Cards instead of buying them. The December update gives players the possibility to enlarge their Cards collection and boost their gaming experience. Find out more about this event and don’t miss it!

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