The Battle Of Portable Devices: iPad Pro versus Surface Pro 6

The Surface Pro and the iPad Pro can be both considered tablets, although they are very different. They come with different functions and each one matches a different style. We are going to place them side by side so you can tell which one matches your preferences.

iPad Pro is a tablet

iPad Pro was designed to work as a tablet, and it is amazing at that. The design and the hardware are able to satisfy all the needs of a tablet user. As long as you don’t need it for extremely complex tasks, the iPad Pro remains a superb device.

Nonetheless, using it as a laptop would be a lot more complicated. There is no mouse support, multitasking is difficult, and there is no proper file system. The iPad Pro is an amazing tablet and it should be used as a tablet.

The Surface Pro 6 is more of a laptop

One important thing about the Surface Pro 6 is that it is a 2-in-1 device. While it can be purchased as a laptop, adding the Type Cover transforms it into a nice notebook. The device has Windows 10 and you have full access to the store and the win32 apps. There is also mouse support and you can use external drives.

The operating system on this device helps it deliver a complete PC experience. Meanwhile, MacOS is lighter and more suited for tablets.

What do you need?

While both products are being sold as tablets, the Surface Pro 6 works better as a laptop, while the iPad Pro remains a tablet. It is up to you to decide what you want from your device. The costs are similar, but if you want laptop-like functions you should get the Surface Pro 6. Nonetheless, remember that you will have to pay $130 extra to get the keyboard as well.


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