iPhone 11 Could Replace The Camera Notch With A Popup Camera Module

Apple might have finally discovered a method to get rid of the camera notch. The solution is definitely an unusual one. Reports indicate that other smartphones will have a camera integrated below the display. Meanwhile, it appears that Apple has decided to use a camera popup for iPhone 11.

A series of images have appeared online and it shows a thin panel which holds two camera sensors. The panel shows up at the top of the phone.

No official confirmation

Take this information with a grain of salt, as we don’t know for sure whether Apple will really go down this route. In fact, the company manages to keep things under wraps, until it is finally time to reveal them.

The leaks usually happen because of suppliers from all over the world, which are harder to control. At the moment we can’t even be sure that the pictures really represent iPhone 11.

In fact if we analyse the images we can see that there is just one single camera on the back panel, which is a bit hard to believe. The only modern smartphone with one sensor in the rear is Google Pixel 3, but in that case AI technology was used.

The new innovative display

There is one thing in these leaks that was definitely confirmed by Apple. That is the new display, which was developed by Samsung. This display is supposed to replace the OLED display panels and it appears that Apple and Samsung already signed the agreements for it.


There is not much we know about the upcoming iPhones, and it will probably take some time until more information will be revealed. After all, there are 9 months left until the smartphones will be released. Until then we can only be patient and wait.

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