Nokia 6 Gets Android 9.0 Pie Beta Version with New Improvements

We are getting closer and closer to the end of 2018. During the last months we heard a lot of information about next year’s big releases. Among the news about high-end gadgets, we also think that 2019 might bring us a new version of Android.

In this case, developers are doing their best to introduce the OS’s latest version on most of their devices. Some smartphones are already running Android Pie, but for others further testing is necessary. Nokia 6 is one of the devices waiting to receive the update. However, it looks like, for now, the handset will only run a beta version of the mentioned operating system.

Recent leaks tell us that Android Pie’s beta version is about to be introduced on Nokia 6

How do we know that Nokia 6 is about to receive the Android Pie beta? We’ve heard it from a leak appeared on dedicated forums. The XDA Senior Member recently posted this news along with instructions on downloading and installing the update.

Like in other cases, the Android Pie beta for Nokia 6 is running OTA as we speak. This means that people can download it manually or force the OTA to ”take over” their device. Either method you choose, remember that the update will erase the data from your internal memory, so you’d better make back-ups with all the important files before you start the download and installment.

Another important mention is that this beta doesn’t come with pre-installed Google Play Store. Once you finish the download process, you’ll have to manually reset the APK. If you want to install the Android Pie beta on your Nokia 6, look for more information and follow the instructions accordingly.

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