Apple Might Develop Its Own 5G Processor

Until now it was speculated that Apple will use Intel’s chip for its 5G iPhone. However, new information reveals something different. It appears that Apple might produce its own 5G processor in the end.

We already know that Apple had some issues when it comes to phone chips, mostly because there are some issues between the company and Qualcomm, who is the leading chipmaker at the moment. Therefore, Apple had to turn to Intel, and the iPhone XS and iPhone XR already came with Intel chips.


It appears that Apple placed a recruitment ad, and this is something that is more important that you might know. In fact, it is the reason why users are certain that Apple is working on its 5G chip.

The advertisement contained some interesting phrases, such as, “millimeter-wave IC design engineer” “circuit and system solutions for multi-gigabit wireless chips” and “functional products to hundreds of millions of customers”.By analyzing these it makes sense to assume that the main goal for this is developing the chip for 5G.

It is safe to assume that the chips will be used for iPhones, as those are the Apple devices which reach millions of people. The job is also for a leadership position, and Apple mentions that it’s looking for someone who will be “will be at the center of a silicon design group.”

The fact that multi-gigabit chips were mentioned is very important: “As a millimeter-wave IC design engineer, you will be responsible for providing circuit and system solutions for multi-gigabit wireless chips.” When it comes to 4G data transfer rates are expressed in megabits per second. 5G is the one that uses gigabits per second.

Apple took down the job announcement, but it remained available on other websites which post Apple’s job ads.

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