Flash version 10.1 Required For Your Browser? Here Is What You Should Do

It is no longer needed to have Adobe Flash Player installed. In fact, it might even be recommended to stay away from it, as it has numerous vulnerabilities and Adobe will put an end to it in 2020.

However, while browsers do have the built-in Flash Player, it appears that some users still experienced Flash-related issues. For example, when trying to access Flash content they received the “Flash version 10.1 or greater is required” error. Here is how you can fix it

Clear browser cache

Sometimes your cache can cause all sorts of issues. That is the reason why you should make sure that you clear it from time to time.

For Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome you have to press Shift + Ctrl + Delete and then select “All time”. Choose the cookies, cached images and files and other similar sites data. Then press the Clear Data button. For Edge press Shift + Ctrl + Delete, check all the boxes and click Clear.

The built-in Flash Player must be enabled

In some cases, this error occurs simply because the built-in Flash Player is not enabled. You might not notice it at first as Flash isn’t needed that often while you are browsing the Internet.

Major browsers have it pre-installed so don’t make the mistake of downloading it from a risky source. If you use Chrome tap the 3-dots menu and go to Settings. Look for Flash, go to Content settings and make sure that the “Ask first” option is enabled.

For Microsoft Edge, click the menu, go to Settings . Advanced and toggle on  the “Use Adobe Flash Player” option.

Enable the website to use Flash content

If Flash is enabled you might discover that the website is not allowed o use Flash content. In order to make sure that the site has your permission, you need to go to that website and click the lock icon that shows up in the Adress bar. open Site settings and Allow Flash.

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