Learn Everything About Samsung’s Foldable Phone

An exciting Samsung device is on its way. The South Korean company is about to release its first foldable smartphone. For many years people have speculated about a foldable mobile phone, and it appears that it will finally become a reality. We have collected in one place all the information available about Samsung’s upcoming device.


Let’s start with the basics. We don’t have an official name for the foldable phone yet. So far, the most popular guesses seem to be Galaxy F or X. A trademark application was filed recently and it had the name Samsung Galaxy. Its status was still due. Nonetheless, we can’t be really certain of the name until the day it is finally released.

Release date and price

Samsung did mention back in November that mass production should begin in the following months. Judging by this information, we might receive the release date in the first half of 2019. We might even receive a sneak peek of it at the CES in January.

Several reports indicate that Samsung will make the big announcement at the Mobile World Congress. This event takes place in February. It is also believed that the release date will follow just a couple of months after that.


We don’t really have a clear idea when it comes to the design of the phone. When the company presented the technology for the display, the device remained hidden in the shadows. One thing is for sure, the device will be bulkier compared to traditional smartphones.

The Infinity Flex Display will be the most important feature of the smartphone. We already know how that works, as the company showed the audience how the display can be used. The device can be folded and unfolded numerous times, but this won’t damage the display.

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