Memoria Is The Best Alternative For Your Default Gallery App

Default gallery apps are okay for their purposes, depending on your smartphone’s manufacturer, of course. However, for some time, QuickPic was an excellent alternative for pre-installed gallery apps on Android devices and even for Google Photos. Unfortunately, QuickPic is not anymore available on the Google Play Store, so many users are looking for a reliable substitute. Memoria is the best alternative for your default gallery app, and it’s even a better one.

While Camera Roll is still one of the favorites to replace default gallery apps on Android devices, Memoria comes with some cool features that make it a better choice than anything available at the moment on the Google Play Store.

Memoria comes with a user-friendly interface, usefully divided into three tabs, namely, Photos, Albums, and Favorites. While these categories are standard for the many gallery apps out there, Memoria’s UI is smooth and allows users to swipe between them with ease, plus that the theme is delightful to the eye, combining the white color with various shades of pink.

Memoria Is The Best Alternative For Your Default Gallery App, And It’s Even A Better One

Nonetheless, Memoria comes with many options and customizations, as well as with a whole bunch of features such as pin folders, hide files, multiple grid sizes for photos and albums (either landscape or portrait), several view modes, password protection, files sorting by their type, and many more.

Also, Memoria comes with some basic editing tools, including a crop function and brightness control, among others.

In addition to all that, soon, Memoria would come with a cloud service for users to store their photos and Google Photos support, as well. At the moment, there is also a Memoria Pro version which costs only $0.99 for a limited time, and which boast many more features, plus some extra themes and customization options.

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