iPhone 11: Are We Going to See The Touch ID Again?

People have started wondering if Apple will choose its Touch ID and even make improvement for Facial ID, as the best feature for the 2019 Apple iPhone 11. we might think so, since the company has filed a patent for the idea of Touch ID.

Are they going on the touch-integrated display journey?

Some time ago, we saw how Apple had entered an agreement with a company owned by Samsung, for the touch-integrated OLED displays to appear in the next lot of iPhones. We’ve also heard that it will reduce the thickness and weight and even the price of the device. It might be inferred that the new Touch ID technology will work with a new panel. We might see the details once the patent application is accessed. There’s this view from a technical point of view that a combination of biometric identification will use Touch ID and Facial ID, a thing that will make a strong security statement – something very difficult for anyone to break.

We’ve all seen how people started to use photos to try to beat the Facial ID feature. This may not be possible anymore. People have started talking about making the iPhones as an alternative identity proof to be used instead of passports. If Apple can really make the devices as secured as we just said they would, then the company will hit huge selling points.

About the notch

We wonder if the 2019 iPhone will show up with a notch or a hole, that’s similar to Samsung’s Infinity O display. The question is why hasn’t Apple made an official statement or comment about it. There are some images on the internet that show a smaller notch. However, these are just speculations and might not be adopted by  Apple at all. But many of these ideas are actually good, and we won’t get surprised if they actually choose to go for them.

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