New Leaks Suggest an iPad Mini 5 Redesign

In the age of streaming, the demand for devices with bugger screens has rendered many small tablets obsolete. The only one that seems to defy this trend is the iPad mini as many customers continue to opt for the model and the sales number seems to have prompted to Cupertino company to work on a new and improved version.

Leaked images of a supposed iPad Mini 5 cases are floating around the internet and some believe that at least one of the pictures suggests that Apple may be working on an iPad Pro mini.

The iPad mini can be considered the middle ling between iPhones and iPads. As the demand for bigger screens continued to rise much thought that Apple will discontinue the product but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The leaked screenshots hint that Apple is working on a radical redesign of the iPad Mini. A larger camera cutout may infer the addition of a long-awaited flash that would comprehend the capable camera that is usually present on the device. Four cutouts on the upper and lower side of the cover also suggest that for the first time users could enjoy the sound from four speakers, which would greatly enhance the media capabilities of the tablet.

Some fans will be happy to learn that iPad Mini will also keep the iconic headphone jack. While many manufacturers have abandoned the port as the population shifted to wireless solutions, it is always nice to be able to choose.

Apple is also likely to stick to the Lightning port for the iPad Mini since the format is still quite popular and there are many accessories that have been designed with the lightning port in mind.

An iPad Pro Mini would be great for those that want to do hardcore tasks like video editing or graphic design on a small device that can be carried almost anywhere.

What is true and what is not remains to be seen when the device will be officially announced.

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