Android Pie Beta Finally Rolling Out On Galaxy Note 9

Android updates don’t reach all devices at once, and this is something that we have already gotten used to. However, we are happy to observe that the updates reach smartphones faster than before. At the moment the Galaxy Note 9 is still in Pie beta program, despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S9 has already received the latest OS.

However, it appears that things are evolving when it comes to the Pie beta. Today a new beta update was released for the Galaxy Note 9. The update is not available for everyone, and, at the moment, only users from India and the United States can get it. The rest of the countries where the beta program was launched should get it as well.

The update

The software version for this update is N960FXXU2ZRLR , while for the United States the software version is N960U1UEUZRLL. If you are part of the beta program it is recommended that you get the update as soon as possible, as it brings many useful improvements.

The recent beta update does fix some of the existing issues. Users encountered various problems while using the beta Android Pie on the Galaxy Note 9. For example, there was a short delay when switching between back and front cameras, the navigation bar did not work sometimes, the Samsung Notes app crashed, the search bar disappeared inside the dialer, and so on. The last update handles all these issues, and you shouldn’t deal with them after updating your OS.

The latest version of the beta Android Pie also comes with the January 2019 security patch. The security patch appears available only for India, while the United States still have the December security patch. It is very likely that this is the last beta version we receive before releasing the official update.

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