Why Is VPN Important When It Comes to Kodi?

Kodi is that free streaming platform that streams movies, TV shows and even Live TV. It has an open-source feature, and that’s what it makes it awesome. However, even if it has amazing features, it still needs a VPN.

We’ve written this article to give you two reasons why you need a VPN when streaming on Kodi.

Watch movies and tv shows safely

Watching TV shows or movies without the permission of copyright holders is, in fact, a crime. You will be punished by law and you can get at least six months in prison and a fine.

Kodi can stream TV Shows and movies, even Line TV and Live Sports, so you’ll need a VPN to stay secured at all times. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) track down your activity constantly, and they know which sites you visit and which apps you open. They’re also aware if you get free content. A VPN will encrypt your traffic with the help of a certain feature: the 256-bit encryption feature. Your ISPs will not be able to see what sites you access online.

You won’t get geo-blocked on Kodi

Kodi has a lot of categories that allow you to watch live channels from pretty much anywhere, with respect to the country you want to choose. If you’re from the US and you want to watch a European channel, you might need a VPN. Kodi has some restrictions and rules that it needs to follow. There are some channels, like CBC or FOX that are geographically restricted, and they can only be played in the US. A VPN will help you in this matter, since it would connect to the server of the country which has the video content you want to watch.

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