A Second Preview Of Sileo Is Available

Things keep moving in the jailbreak community. This time a second preview of the Sileo package manager became available for jailbroken iPhones.

Changes and improvements

Here are some of the improvements brought by this release, as listed on the Sileo website:

  • Tapping the “Get” button now responds up to 2x faster
  • Fixed an issue where invalid repositories could be added, resulting in a broken “Get” button
  • Fixed the appearance of payment providers on iPads

In addition to this, the new release offers “bug fixes and stability improvements”. There are some changes when it comes to repositories as well. The new release comes with a more modern syntax for them. However, you should know that when you install the new preview your current repositories will be reset.

The repositories which work in Cydia should also work in Sileo according to developers. They encourage users to announce them if they encounter any issues. It appears that the team is also working to bring support payments as well as other useful functions.

We remind you once again that when it comes to Sileo’s payment API, only Dynastic Repo supports it. The good news is that Chariz should also add support in the future.

Upcoming features

In the future, we can expect new Sileo releases as well. It appears that the developers are preparing to add translations for other languages as well, which would be a much-needed improvement. They also added that help is appreciated and if you wish to lend a help you can keep an eye for tweets on @SileoSupport.

The website also announced that developer documentation should launch soon and this includes information about how new features work. Once again, we were reminded to follow the official Twitter account in order to find out the latest updates.

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