Could iOS 13 Help iPads Pros Replace Notebooks?

There are just a couple of hours left until we enter 2019. When it comes to tech, the upcoming year announces to be a big one. If we follow on the iPad Pro we can expect some improvements next year.

The iPad Pro released this year was great, but it was noticeable that tits operating system limited it more than it should. However, things should change with the next generation.

2019 predictions

When the iPad was released it managed to be the perfect combination between a computer and a phone. However, devices have become increasingly larger, and phones try their best to evolve. Under these circumstances, the iPad added features that make it resemble laptops more and more. Users now have the clip-on keyboard and the stylus, which weren’t there originally. With that being said, could iPads replace computers in the future? Mika Kitagawa, senior principal analyst at Gartner shared his opinion:

“I don’t believe that it is a true computer replacement, but some type of jobs can be enhanced by using the iPad Pro,” Kitagawa says. “An iPad cannot be truly used as a notebook replacement in most business environments, where Windows is a prevailing OS in the business world. Most business applications in the corporate world cannot run on iPad. But there are certain jobs where it can be beneficial to use an iPad as a main device. This can include creative professionals, among others, that use applications that can run well on an iPad.”

Nonetheless, we have to notice that fact that Apple is trying to reach new audiences. With the release of the iOS 13, the iPad Pro might be able to reach its potential.

“I agree that Apple has been re-positioning the tablet. The Pro has been released as a new way to use a tablet,” Mika Kitagawa, senior principal analyst at Gartner explained.

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