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Vimeo or related websites are a great platform that allow users from all over the world to share and view videos. The only problem is that sometimes users may want to access their videos while on the go and they don’t have access to Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection. While the app itself allows some users to download videos for offline view the feature is restricted to select countries all around the world.

Users that wish to enjoy their favorite videos without being connected to a network are able to download and use a variety of third-party apps that will download the content in a few minutes.

Important notice:

The use of third-party services in order to download videos from YouTube is a direct violation of the Terms of service. It is advised to use the app in order to download videos that you own, or shared via the Creative Commons Reusable License.


Videoder is one of the video downloading apps for the Android platform. It offers support for more than 20 sites including Instagram and Twitter. The app allows you to select the format and quality of the video before you download it order to save valuable bandwidth. The app also packs additional features like multiple downloads and customizable themes.


This one of the oldest video downloading apps but is still updated and quite good. TubeMate offers a familiar interface. The app includes a built-in browser that allows users to quickly track down and download their desired content.


Like other apps on this list SnapTube supports several popular platforms including Twitter, Facebook among others. A friendly UI and speedy downloads made it a fan-favorite.


While this app supports many sites it is mainly used for downloading videos from Facebook. Users are able to download 4K content and MP3 without the need to use another app. While it is free users can opt to buy a premium version in order to remove apps.


Last but not least VidMate is a great app that works across several sites. Those that install it will be able to create encrypted folders in order to keep their content safe.

All the apps can be found and downloaded from their official websites.

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