Starting 2019 with an LG G7 ThinQ equipped with the official Android Pie update

Over the past couple of years, it was not an easy time for LG, even though it had the strength to release a small number of handsets that users enjoyed and some intriguing hardware that they loved – at least the idea of it written on a paper. With that being mentioned, at least with the new  LG G7 ThinQ will not be the same because it will soon be equipped with the official Android Pie.

Today in the first year of 2019 the software rollout will begin. If you are part of the group of people who purchased this phone, in the next week, you should expect a notification from OTA so you can update the Android version of your phone. Regarding the users from South Korea, they were a little bit luckier. Thanks to an open beta program, they were able to take a look at the Android Pie, while everybody else was left out to wait.

If you were wondering where this information comes from, the source is quite official. Via MyLGPhones, LG confirmed in Korean that there is no more time left to wait until the users of  LG G7 ThinQ will get that Android Pie official update. There will also be an OS update available along with the Android Pie one so  LG G7 ThinQ users must be excited.

Now that you know how  LG G7 ThinQ users will start their new year let’s get more into detail. The updates mentioned above come with many changes that can be seen by the users of this phone as significant advantages. For example, the ringtones will be improved, they will finally be able to attach larger GIF files in the message apps, and a lot of fixes and bug squashes will be introduced as well. Keep an eye on this phone because the  LG G7 ThinQ looks very promising!

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