What Differentiates Apple App Store and Google Play Store from one another?

Free and Paid Apps in Stores

When it comes to the sharing conditions of revenue, both App Store and Google Play Store share similar ones. 30% of the income does to the store while the remaining 70% goes to the developers. Comparing the number of shares, App Store has a higher one compared to the other app. In the last quarter of last year, Google Play Store earned $3.3 billion while the other app exceeded that number and received $5.4 billion. If an app developer has the aim to generate revenue, they will start by creating iPhone apps.


Due to the Android phones and iPhones sizes, Google Play Store receives twice as many taps on the Reading More button which can be found on every app’s page. Besides that, the switch is more prominent on Google Play Store, so it catches the visitor’s eye way faster.

Image Gallery/Screenshots

When it comes to Google Play Store, the users are 27% less likely to scroll through all the images in the gallery or all screenshots. However, they can easily find them as they are located down beneath the fold. On the other hand, iOS image galley takes more of the screen which makes it more prominent. Regarding the interaction users-gallery items, almost each of them would take a look at the images.


This time, the App Store retakes the first prize because even though visitors interact with the videos that they find in Google Play store (20% more than Apple’s), they do not finish them. App Store, however, is better at keeping the visitors focused on the videos because it provides them with one no longer than 30 seconds. The visitors of the App Store are 30 percent more likely to do so.

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