How Is iPhone 11 Going to Be Different from iPhone XS?

It’s been about four months since Apple has released three brand new iPhones: iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max and ever since then, there are rumors everywhere on the internet about the next-gen iPhones. We’ve heard before things about the display and the processor, but we’re about to talk now about the camera that iPhone 11 will probably have.

The 3D camera sensor

We’ve heard that the iPhone that’s going to be released in 2019 will have a 3D camera sensor, placed on the back. This sensor will come for Cupertino, which is a California-based company that, as of now, is working on the next-gen 3D sensors, after many companies have shown interest – including Apple.

Sony already supplies camera sensors to every major company out there, including Apple, Google and Samsung. But, according to some sources, the new 3D sensor will be able to power the front and the rear cameras.

The difference between Apple and Sony

As we all know, Apple already uses 3D sensors with the TrueDepth camera in the front of the new series of iPhones. However, they use a different technique, that’s called ‘structured light’, that helps in capturing details in images. The 3D sensor coming from Sony have a technique called TOF – Time of Flight – and the camera sensor sends out invisible infrared pulse and measures the time that the light takes to bounce back in order to recreate the image. It helps in getting more accurate images.

However, TOF has not been tested yet. Sony has started to distribute the toolkit to the developers for the apps that will use the chip’s technique for communication and that will start the production of the chip in summer, to meet the requirements of the smartphone companies.

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