2019 Forecasts: PS4 and Xbox Sales, Next Generation Consoles And More

A new generation of video game consoles is on its way, and this means that there will be some changes to the market. The announcements for the next consoles will start in 2019, so this will be an important transition year.

We are expecting a new Xbox console, as well as the PlayStation 5, These new consoles should continue the legacy of their predecessors and bring some improvements as well.

“I’m forecasting announcements in 2019 for 2020 launches for both PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox. However, I do think we’ve moved past the traditional generational model. I expect both manufacturers to add features that will further blur these lines,” explained NPD analyst Mat Piscatella.

PS4 and Xbox One sales will go down

Since new models should be launched pretty soon, it is easy to see that the sales for the Play Station 4 and Xbox One should go down. No one is willing to buy a console is a new model will become available soon. More than that, the prices for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 should be reduced after the new consoles are released, which is another reason to postpone purchasing them.

“I forecast both PS4 and Xbox One hardware unit sales to decline in the single-digit percentages next year, but more because we’re nearing the latter stages of the cycle, and I don’t anticipate either making drastic moves on price,” he said. “Both systems have done well in the US, but 2019 will likely be a transition year as we move into 2020,” added Piscatella.

However, despite that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are quite old, this hasn’t stopped them from having a great year. In 2018 there were numerous sales for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. We don’t know yet when Sony and Microsoft will announce their next consoles, but it can’t be long.

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