Apple Says That 70% of the Devices Run on iOS 12

People got iOS 12 faster than they did with iOS 11, just as Apple has confirmed, too. It also confirmed the fact that the latest gen of the operating systems from this company for iPod touch, iPhones and iPads is installed on more than 70% of the iOS devices.

What do reports say about this?

According to some reports, iOS 12 is installed on about 72% of all the devices that are compatible with iOS, ever since it was released some years ago. iOS 11 is running on 12% of the devices, and the last 7% is a combination of all the earlier iOS releases.

If we are to expand the results to all the devices that are currently in use, iOS 11 is used on about 21% of hardware, and the 70% share is occupied by iOS 12. 9% for earlier releases.

This is similar to what happened in 2017

The data shows how iOS 12 is adopted faster than iOS 11 did when it was released. Some similar results came in December, in 2017, when only 59% of the users have moved on to iOS 11 by that time. 33% were still running iOS 10 on their devices.

Will iOS 12 keep up doing this?

According to some latest figures, iOS 12 will probably continue to keep up this work. Back in April, iOS 11 was installed on about 76% of all the devices that were compatible with this operating system, and we’ve seen an 11% increase since the start of the year.

Due to the fact that iOS 12 is already at 70% for all of the compatible devices, it will probably hit 76% sooner than expected.

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