Play These Party Games With Alexa and Google Assistant And Entertain Your Guests

Alexa and Google Assistant are slowly becoming a part of our lives. What you might not know yet is that they can be helping with your parties as well. If you are out of ideas about how to entertain your guests, you should try some voice-controlled games. We have a list of suggestions prepared for you.

For Alexa you need to enable Alexa skills. Developers can come up with their own games, but you can also find some interesting options. Google’s alternatives don’t need to be set up in advance, which is a plus.

Google Assistant games
  • Song Pop

This song works great on speakers, as players have to guess the title or the artist of a song that is playing. You can only listen to a short clip, and the music includes numerous genres. You can play individually or as a team and see how many points you can get.

  • Lucky trivia

If you are looking for a good trivia game, this might be it. Lucky Trivia allows multi-players, so it is great if you want to entertain your guests. You just need to tell Google to “play Lucky Trivia”.

Alexa Games
  • Would You Rather for Family

The regular Would You Rather game is a bit unpredictable, but with this family version, everyone can play it. It is a simple lighthearted game, and it also comes with a multiplayer mode.

  • Heads Up

You probably heard of this game and you already know how it is played. In the Alexa version, your personal assistant will offer you various clues and you will have to guess the word. As an Amazon Prime subscriber you can access more decks for $1, but there are also three free options: Superstars, Blockbuster Movies and Favorite Fictional Characters.

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