Solve The Google Maps Problems On Windows 10

Google Maps is an excellent navigation service, and Google makes sure that the app works smoothly for all users. However, despite their best efforts, nothing is perfect, which means that issues do occur from time to time. Some users have reported certain Google Maps problems that they encountered on their PC.

Some complained about Google maps not working properly, while for other Google Maps wasn’t working for Chrome. We have solutions for all these issues.

Signing out of your Google account

The simplest solution that you can try is signing out of your Google Account. You just need to open your browser and then access the Google website. In the top-right corner you should find the account button which you can click and then select “Sign out”.

Clear cookies and cache

Sometimes the problems could be caused by your cookies, so you might want to try deleting them. Just open the browser, tap the Menu icon and then go to Settings. Scroll down and click Advanced and then select Clear browsing data. Select the “All time” time range and press the Clear data button.

Reset Google Chrome

Your browser settings might be the real reason why Google Maps is not functioning properly. You can solve this issue if you reset Google Chrome to the default. This is very simple to do, and it will only take you a couple of minutes.

Go to the Settings tab and then scroll to the bottom and click Advanced. You should find Reset settings under Reset and clean up. Press the Reset button.

Disable extensions

The extensions could also cause all sorts of issues. You should try disabling them to see whether they are the problem. Go to Menu, More tools > Extensions. You can disable each installed extension.

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