Google Chromecast Versus Android TV: Which One Should You Choose?

An Android TV or a Google Chromecast device could make it so much easier to watch shows, movies and other content that you enjoy. However, which one should you choose? We will try to help you answer that question.


There is a major difference here. Android TV comes with a nice user interface that can be controlled via an app or a remote. It is also possible to install apps directly on the Android TV device, including apps such as Spotify, Hulu or Netflix.

Meanwhile, Chromecasts does not have a user interface at all. You will have to use your computer, tablet or phone in order to cast content. There are also apps which are Chromecast -enabled which means that you will see a Cast button for them.


With Google Chromecast, things are pretty straightforward when it comes to costs. The entry-level model will cost you $35, while Chromecast Ultra costs $69.

Meanwhile, things are a lot more complicated when it comes to Android TV. Android TV is an operating system for television, and it is, in fact, a different version of the smartphone operating system.

Therefore, there isn’t just a single Android TV platform. There are numerous Android TV devices available, and each one comes with its own changes.

When it comes to Android TV boxes, you can find all sorts of options. There are even cheap no-brand devices that you can purchase for less than $20 on sites such as AliExpress. However, those aren’t usually trustworthy.

There are some Android TV boxes which are reliable. It is worth mentioning models such as the MXQ Android Box which you can purchase for $35, the Xiaomi Mi, which costs around $50.

If you are willing to spend more you could get the Nvidia Shield. The 500 GB version costs $300, while the 16 GB model is available $180. They do have Chromecast built-in however.

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