Make Your Photos Pop With These iPhone Photo Editing Apps

The latest iPhone comes with amazing cameras which can help you snap amazing photos. However, all photographers know that the retouching process is very important as well. There are many photo editing apps which can help you create the images of your dreams. Here are the best alternatives for iPhone.

Afterlight 2

If you heard about Afterlight, you should know that this is the updated version of the first app. You can purchase it for $2.99, but it is worth every penny. It is one of the most powerful apps out there and it comes with plenty of tools. Compared to the original Afterlight, the improvements are noticeable.

The app comes with functions such as selective saturation, skew horizontally or vertically, clarify or glow. Afterlight 2 has many versatile filters that can be also combined. It also offers all the filters that were available with the original Afterlight app.


VSCO is a popular version amongst photography lovers. The app is available for free but it comes with in-app purchases. It comes with all the basic necessary editing tools, and it has filters which create a film-like aspect for your photos.


Enlight is another great option for editing your photos. The app has tons of tools and features. You can purchase it from the App Store for $3.99. Enlight offers advanced features including customizable filters and custom presets. It is also possible to use the masking feature in order to blend effects. A vintage aspect is also possible as the app allows you to recreate an old camera style.


If you need an app just to retouch pictures, TouchRetouch does exactly what its name says. We all know how annoying is to get a random person in the background of our shoot. Well, using this app allows you to remove unwanted objects from your pictures.

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