The Galaxy S II ICS source code Was Released By Samsung

Open source comes with multiple possibilities for developers. More than that, companies who release open source codes benefit as well. Most open source codes for Android updates and phones are available online, and Samsung recently released the code for the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Galaxy S II’s OS.

Here is how Android Community announced the news:

Good news, open source enthusiasts: as they’ve done with pretty much every one of the Android phones and updates, Samsung has posted the open source code for the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Galaxy S II’s operating system. While the update itself is only available in Europe and South Korea, any international version of the i9100 can apply it, and with the open source code ROM builders and other modders will be able to do more advanced ports and advanced ROMs.

As you probably already know, the release also comes with the TouchWiz UI overlay, which is something normal for the Samsung official releases. Visually speaking, the interface is almost identical to the Gingerbread one. However, there are some core changes and those can be customized now.

You should also know that the release doesn’t work with many Galaxy S II, so you might want to wait until developers adapt the code.

Open Source Codes

You can get the Open Source Codes thanks to the Samsung Open Source Release Center (OSRC). The company praises the help received from the community:

Samsung provides diverse electronic products such as Home appliances, Mobile devices, and Computers to make a difference in your life. Since Software takes an essential part of our work, we maximize the benefit from Open Source Communities to develop our software in high quality.

Samsung Open Source Release Center (OSRC) is an open channel to download or request any Open Source Codes used in our products.

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