Android Q To Be Available with New Improvements by May 2019

The end of 2018 brought long-awaited news for Android users from around the world. Smartphones run by this operating system started to receive the Android Pie update and this operation still isn’t completed.

Meanwhile, Google started working on a new OS and it looks like the new member of the family will be called Android Q. So far, we don’t know a lot of details about Google’s new ”star”, but some features seem to have leaked these days.

According to reliable sources, the new Android system will bring one major change: the whole system will be based on the Dark mode. This is a big improvement because other speculations claimed that only a few apps will be based on the mentioned mode.

Developers have high standards set for the new OS

Since Android Q is said to be launched by May 2019, developers are doing their best to keep their work a secret. However, some experts from the field say that Android Q has to be done compatible with every smartphone based on previous versions of the same operating system. In this case, the software will have to function only in Dark mode every time it’s sent on associated devices.

It looks like Android Q’s internal instruction says that all the elements connected to UI have to be based on the Dark theme. The deadline for completing the work on Android Q is also specified – May 2019.

Another target set for Google’s new operating system is improved battery life. Since Android Q is built on the Dark theme for all apps, we can be sure that devices that will be running this OS will have longer-lasting battery.

If we consider the aforementioned features, the wait for Android Q might be worth it. A beta version will be released during the developers’ annual conference. With this occasion, fans could see how the OS works on their devices, notice and report any bugs that might appear. The official version could be launched in 2019’s fourth quarter.

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