Apple May Resurrect the iPad Mini This Year

As time passed tablets became bigger and bigger in order to allow users to complete more tasks. Those that prefer a smaller device will have to buy older models or acquire devices made by obscure manufacturers. Many believed that Apple forgot about the iPad mini but some sources have a different opinion.

According to a Chinese source Apple is working on a new iPad mini that will bring a fresh breath of life to the product line. The iPad mini line received its last upgrade in 2015 when the fourth generation was released.  The lack of any recent announcements led many to believe that Apple would retire the device in the near future and they will be happy to learn that this is not the case.

The Cupertino company may be working on two budget iPad models that could be announced in 2019 and a new iPad mini may be one of them. The decision was likely motivated by the demand for a more affordable iPad device that is also lightweight and easy to carry around.

The new models may be revealed in the first half of 2019 and production should have started in December 2018. If everything goes well the new models should be launched in September.

A refreshed 7.9-inch iPad would certainly attract the attention of people that prefer small devices. One of the main advantages of the mini is the fact that it fits in almost any bag.  The aging 4th generation is still available for purchase but the old hardware makes it less attractive for those that plan to use the latest features added by future iOS releases. And buying a device that won’t be compatible with apps that may be released in less than a year doesn’t seem to be a good deal.

Apple is also working on a 2019 iPad model that may be influenced by the success of the iPad Pro. It remains to be seen if the tech giant will transform the rumors into reality by announcing the new products later this year.

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