iPad Mini 2019: When Should We Expect It?

In the era of big displays there are people which prefer a smaller device. The iPad mini was one of the most popular iPad models released by Apple but many believe that the Tech giant forgot about it.

The last upgrade for the iPad mini was released in 2015 when the 4th generation was launched.  Many fans hoped that Apple would launch more models but that was not the case since launch events passed without any news about the tablet.

A series of leaked images have brought new hope. The images feature what seems to be a redesigned iPad Mini that reached the prototype stage. It is important to keep in mind that prototype devices may suffer severe changes as time passes. While these images seem promising the final product could look radically different.

Into the future

One of the most significant changes is the introduction of a rectangular antenna. The new design could boost the connectivity capabilities of the new iPad mini.  It is also likely that the device will feature improved internal specifications. More RAM and the beefy A10 processor would make it popular among users that want to run intensive apps while on the go. A better battery would life would be great. While wireless headphones are growing more popular it is likely that the device will retain the iconic 3.5mm headphone port. The aging port would consume less power in comparison to a Bluetooth connection.

What we want

Fast charging

The introduction of fast charging capabilities would make it even more portable, a plus for students and people that love to travel.

MicroSD slot

Yes, we know that Apple shuns MicroSD slots but hear us out. A MicroSD port would allow Apple to reduce manufacturing costs by providing less built-in memory. Those that wish to expand it would be able to acquire a MicroSD card from a third-party. It’s a win-win for everyone.

It remains to be seen if a new device will be announced in September.

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