TutuApp vs. Appvalley – Which Application Store Should You Use?

If you want to download an app you go to the Play Store or the App Store, based on the device that you own. However, not everyone knows that there are more alternative app stores available. Appvalley and TutuApp allow you to download apps which cannot be found in other places. More than that, you can also discover paid apps available for free. But which one is better?


The best feature of TuTuApp is the fact that it works for all smartphones. It doesn’t matter whether you own an iOS phone or an Android one, TuTuApp works for both. There are two different versions of the applications so that it works for all users.

TuTuApp doesn’t need rooting or jailbreak, which is a major advantage. It means that you can download it on your phone without any problems. More than that you can find paid applications that are available to download for free. TuTuApp will allow you to use top apps without having to pay anything. While we recommend supporting app developers, TuTuApp allows you to try out an app to see whether it’s worth purchasing.


While TuTuApp can be used for all smartphones, AppValley is mostly for iPhone and iPads, although it also works on Android. Basically, it works as an upgraded version of the App Store. AppValley offers apps that have been tweaked in order to please the user’s preferences. You can consider them improved versions of the original apps.

AppValley comes with five different categories for its apps Today, Games, Apps, Updates, & Search. If you use them, you should find the apps that you need as well as discover some brand new apps. It is very simple to download it and you just need to visit the AppValley website.

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