Stay Fit In 2019 With These iPhone Fitness Apps

Getting in shape is one of the most common new year resolutions. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough time to hit the gym regularly. The good news is that you can stick to your resolution right from the comfort of your own house. There are plenty of fitness apps that you can install directly on your iPhone and they will guide you through your exercises. Here are the best iPhone fitness apps.

Fitbit Coach

This app will take into account your own personal fitness level. Once you complete a workout you can offer feedback on whether the exercises were too simple or too difficult. Fitbit Coach uses that information in order to personalize the next workouts. You should know that the app also works with the Apple Watch and it is compatible with Strava, Fitbit, MyFitnessPall and the Health app.


Carrot is a special kind of app that will help you lose weight. This application uses AI and it will do anything to get you to exercise, from motivating words to mockery and bribery. It has a seven-minute workout that is very intense and the app will criticize you if you don’t manage to complete it.


If you want to train specific muscle groups, Fitbod can help you. In order to get started, you should choose your goals, how many times you can work out each week and your type of activity. The app will then offer you a personalized


If you want to feel as if you are part of a community you should try Fitocracy. You get to set goals and there are achievements and levels that you can also share with your friends.

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