Top Ways In Which The IoT Security Will Be Enhanced

IoT is definitely the next big thing. Numerous American households own smart devices, and the market is expected to explode in the following years. The Internet of Things can make our lives much easier, but it also comes with multiple risks. IoT devices can make houses more vulnerable and transform them into a target for attackers. Here are the predictions for 2019.

Prioritizing IoT security

It is impossible to deny the evolution of IoT, and its security will have to become a top priority. More and more companies use it, which can put a lot of people at risk. Therefore, it has become vital to secure those devices. It is expected that the majority of board rooms will transform IoT security into a priority.

Providers will also increase security

The providers are trying to protect users, and for this they will work together. A common effort will make it a lot simpler to enhance security. For example, IT departments might have the necessary skills but they don’t have enough information about the existent devices. This could be solved by working with other departments.

New standards

Since IoT is fairly new, there aren’t strict security standards for it. This should change soon, and new standards should be rolled out by big names such as the Department of Homeland Security, MITRE, NIST, CIS and even FBI.

Security services used more often

Security services will become essential in order to protect IoT devices. The number of security services users has grown recently, and the numbers are expected to go up by 2020. The first industries will be energy, transportation and manufacturing, followed by finance and healthcare. Businesses will look to protect themselves and they will use all the tools available.

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