VLC Update To Be Available with Airplay Support

One of the most popular video players in the world is VLC mostly thanks to the fact that it can support almost any audio or video format that you could think of and it is also open source. VLC is so popular that more than three billion people downloaded it. In order to keep users interested, VideoLAN, the firm behind VLC, announced the introduction of AirPlay support.

Many unique features can be found in the mobile app for VLC, but adding AirPlay will give it significant benefits over the years. After this new feature is added it will allow users to beam to an Apple TV the content playing on the VLC mobile app. At the moment this is not possible even though the Chromecast protocol of Google is already supported.

Even though Chromecast support is available, VLC’s developers are always trying to improve the app, so this is why they thought about AirPlay. If you have an Apple TV but an Android phone VLC will help you stream the videos you want from your phone to your TV.

Not too much time ago compatibility for HDR videos in an emerging video format, AV1, had been added by the firm. The people behind all of this are working on offering users anything that they could ask from a media player.

In the end, all of these features sound amazing, and many people are looking forward to their implementation, and that is why the next update that VLC will get is considered to be a major one that can completely turn around the future of this app. We do not know for sure that version 4.0 will feature AirPlay and neither when it will be released, but VideoLAN is planning on getting it on as soon as possible.

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