Showbox Comes with New Intermittent Server Issues

If you are a Showbox user, it means that when you tried to access the app, you came against some issues. The reason behind these is that SowBox, according to their latest Twitter post, is their servers.

Even though the problem was fixed after a few hours, the team announced that users might still face these issues until they are fixed completely. According to them, even though the servers are working, they are unstable so they may fall again and reappear.

In case this happened or will happen to you, at least you now know the reason behind it. Unfortunately, the team behind Showbox did not mention whether these issues are of legal nature or no.

The thing with this legal angle is that back in November Showbox faced some similar issues, but it was a legitimate reason behind.

The service has been working normally for weeks now, but the team ensures us that this might happen again.

If you do not know the legal issues that Showbox has been involved in last year, we will tell you. Movie studios such as  Bodyguard Productions, Cobbler Nevada, and Dallas Buyers Club filed a lawsuit against the distributors and founder of Showbox, more specifically a copyright one. The distributors of the service include sites such as,, and

Many things happen before and after this issue, but one thing is certain: the Showbox distributors have settled the lawsuit that was filed against them by the movie studios.

We still do not know what the terms of the settlement were, but there is one change that is clearly visible. Now when the service/app is promoted by websites, they must show you a warning that states the fact that the users can’t trust Showbox when it comes to copyright-protected movies/media.

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