The Biggest Surprise from VLC – Apple AirPlay Support

During the Consumer Electronics Show of this year VLC brought up a surprise for all the fans of the app, and there are officially more than 3 billions of them, with this milestone being surpassed yesterday. Finally, the introduction of Apple AirPlay support was announced by VLC during this event. This would allow users to stream to their Apple TV any video from their iOS or Android device, information confirmed by one of the lead developers at Videolan, Jean-Baptiste Kempf. Unfortunately, we do not know for sure when the launch of this update will happen.

According to Kempf, Videolan wants to support AirPlay as much as possible on any platform the same way that they did with Chromecast. Even though the release date is not settled yet, they are hoping for the AirPlay support to be part of the VLC 4 update that is being worked on at the moment. They said that when the date is scheduled, they will make sure to announce us.

Even though the exact platforms are yet to be confirmed, Windows might be one of them as Android is on the list support.

According to a VLC developer, François Cartegnie, VLC is modular, so if the modules are transferable, then there is a possibility for the feature to become part of other platforms too.

Not too much time later though, there was an official confirmation from one of VLC’s developers that the support for AirPlay will actually be brought to Windows as well.

According to Felix Paul Kühne, the AirPlay support will be available on any platform in the future as the current Chromecast support is.

There is no doubt that this app would not be worth all those 3 billion downloads that it achieved due to its unique features that make many people’s lives easier.

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