App Created By A Dad Locks Child’s Phone Until They Reply To The Parent’s Text

Worried parents know just how frustrating it is to have your child ignore your important texts. Whether they do it on purpose or they simply forget to text back, it is always a cause of concern. A dad decided to do something about this, and he came up with an app that should fix this problem.


The name of the app is ReplyASAP, and it makes sure that children will answer the parents’ text as soon as they get it. Phone calls can’t be ignored either. The creator of the app is Nick Herbert and he was inspired by his own experience with Ben, his 14-year-old son:

[Ben’s] phone was constantly on silent or he was doing something else so I thought there must be a way of being able to get an important message to him I need to. It was a problem I had in not being able to contact my son but it never occurred to me that other parents might have the same issue.

The app creates an alarm whenever parents send a text, even if the phone is currently on silent. When the message is received it shows up on the whole screen and locks the phone. Users can reply right away or snooze for three minutes. After selecting an option, the sender will be notified that the message has been received.

It appears that parents from all around the world had the same problem, and the app received quite a few downloads very quickly. Nonetheless, the application is not an invasive one and the child will have to agree to download it, which is a good thing. The app can be deleted at any time as well. ReplyASAP isn’t great just for parents, and it can be used by any persons who want to make sure that their texts will reached the receiver as soon as possible in case of an emergency.

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