Rockstar Job Listings Spotted: Is GTA 6 Going To Be Released Soon?

Grand Theft Auto 6 rumours are never-ending. GTA fans have been speculating about this game ever since GTA 5 was released. While GTA Online did help them become more patient, it did not stop them from keeping an eye out for new clues.

Now, players are more hopeful than ever, as Rockstar released its big project Red Dead Redemption 2, which means that they can follow on Grand Theft Auto 6. It appears that developers might be in fact preparing the game.

Job listings

Fans noticed some job offers posted by Rockstar. Rockstar Toronto is looking for a Senior Technical Artist, while Rockstar New York tries to find a Technical Face Developer. It appears that the company is trying to develop new animation approaches. One of the job listings mentions “creation of new approaches to animation retargeting, facial animation tracking/rigging, secondary motion simulation and character deformation.”

Meanwhile, the details for the second job listing are quite similar: “development of new approaches and workflows to facial tracking, facial animation, facial recognition, improving tools/pipelines.” In addition to that, the Technical Face Developer positions needs someone “to help research and develop new technology for future titles.” These could be important clues, and they could in fact reveal another important information.

We already know that Sony and Microsoft are working on their next generation consoles, Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5. This could explain while Rockstar is also trying to develop next-gen tech. This could tell us that the next Grand Theft Auto game will be released directly on the new consoles. It wouldn’t really be a surprise, but it could also mean that we won’t receive a release date until the new consoles are out. Nonetheless, there is also a chance that the PS5/Xbox Scarlett title might not be in fact the much awaited GTA 6.

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