Surface Phone 2019 Concept Now Available To See

Years ago Microsoft announced the Surface Phone. The long-awaited device has been discussed in detail on countless forum threads. As the years passed the supposed specifications were continuously updated as rumors continued to circulate.

While Microsoft has officially discontinued its smartphone division some people still dream that the phone will become real at some point in the future. An independent YouTube channel released a video that offers an interesting concept design for a supposed Microsoft smartphone.

The concept

In the video the concept device is called Microsoft Surface Phone Andromeda. The creator envisioned a flexible two-in-one device composed of two displays that can be linked in order to form a single screen. The screen can also be folded in order to reduce the size of the device. The smartphone features a headphone jack and what appears to be a USB Type-C port on the lower-right side of the device.

Some sources argue that Microsoft has assembled a division that should work on the Surface Phone.  A recently published book argues that Microsoft may launch a new series of Surface products in the future.

Hardcore fans have created a petition that asked Microsoft to reverse its decision after rumors claimed that the Redmond company decided to cancel any plans related to the device. Foldable devices seem to be like the next big thing and Microsoft may strike the jackpot if the device is successful.

Samsung has been teasing a foldable device for years and many fans hope that the Korean company will launch the device at some point in 2019. The Samsung Galaxy X has been teased by Samsung earlier in November during a special event. The device was shown from shadows in order to keep the design a surprise but the dream seems to be close to reality.

The latest leaks suggest that Samsung may soon reveal the device during a Samsung Unpacked event. The Galaxy S10 will be officially unveiled on February 2019 and Samsung may decide to launch the X during the same event.

A Microsoft smartphone would be a welcome addition since it would encourage competition among the established brands.

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