The Pokémon Go Community is Looking Forward to the Next Announcement

The recent Pokémon Go January 2019 Community Day event was a resounding success, pleasing many fans of the popular AR smartphone game.

Many fans are already anticipating the next community event that should take place in February. While the January event occurred recently it is likely that Niantic will announce the next event soon. The company used to announce future community events a few days after the previous event had ended. The recent January event was announced a bit late but it is likely that Niantic took a well-earned holiday in December.

The prime topic debated by the community is the next Pokémon that will be featured in the February community event. Starter Pokémon from the fourth generation were released earlier in 2018 but the chance of seeing any of the Sinnnoh region starter Pokémon during the event are quite slim at this point.

Niantic hasn’t featured any of the starting Pokémon from the third generation and many of the 10km Pokémon would benefit from a bit of extra advertisement. A pattern was established by previous community events and Niantic will stick to the beaten road in this case.  Since Tododile, the most recent Community Day Pokémon is a part of the second generation starters many believe that the next Pokémon will be one of those that hatch out of the 10km eggs. This prediction anticipates names like Trapinch, Slakoth or Bagon. Niantic may decide to offer simple or shiny versions of the aforementioned Pokémon.

The company is also working on a new type of event that should be on par with the Community Day events that revitalized the title after a negative trend started to appear.

On January 19 a new research event will be released. Curious players will learn more about water type Pokémon while also having the change to catch a shiny Feebas.  Players will receive research tasks after they spin Photo Discs found at PokéStops. When an objective is complete players will encounter either a normal or a shiny Feebas.

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